Curtis Controller - 36V 48V - 500Amp #1205M-5601 - Club Car

Curtis 36V - 48V, 500 - 275 amp series solid state controllers, 0-5k


500 amp/ 36/48-volt (Curtis #1205 long body) controller with four buss bars is pre-set for 0-5k throttle. It can be adjusted with a hand held Curtis programmer (#1311-3301) for use with 8 other throttle inputs. Many other parameters such as acceleration, HPD, voltage, plugging and more are also adjustable. For maximum performance, safety and durability 4 gauge cables throughout the car, heavy-duty solenoid and heavy-duty F&R switch are required. This controller will not work on 24 volts


Curtis 1204M-5604 

CURTIS	1205M-5604
CURTIS	1204X-4408
CURTIS	1205-101
CURTIS	1205-104
CURTIS	1205-109
CURTIS	1205-112
CURTIS	1204X-4404
CURTIS	1204X-4405
CURTIS	1205S-4602
CURTIS	1205X-4401
CURTIS	1205-113
CURTIS	1205-118
CURTIS	1205X-4415
CURTIS	1205X-5301
CURTIS	1205X-5304
CURTIS	1204S-1403
CURTIS	1205S-5401
CURTIS	1204X-4401
CURTIS	1205-201
CURTIS	1205-202
CURTIS	1205-208
CURTIS	1205S-4602
CURTIS	1205X-4401
CURTIS	1205X-4404

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