Curtis Controller 24V 36V 400 #1205-104 - Club Car

Curtis 1205-104, 24-36 volt, 400 amp solid state speed controller with plug brake terminal. 0-5K throttle input with H.P.D. and adjustable output.

400 amp, 24-36 volt, Curtis (1205-104), series, long body controller with 4 buss bars, H.P.D. and 0-5k throttle. Adjustable acceleration. Can be used with 3 cable connection


CURTIS	1205-104
CURTIS	1205X-4404
CURTIS	1205X-4415
CURTIS	1205X-5301
CURTIS	1205X-5304
CURTIS	1205X-4401
CURTIS	1205S-4602
CURTIS	1205-202
CURTIS	1205-201
CURTIS	1205-112
CURTIS	1205-109
CURTIS	1205-101

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